Art Studio Sessions provides children, young people and adults with a friendly and welcoming space to enjoy being creative and to explore art making. You are free to create anything you wish in the Art Studio and a range of media will be available. Art Studio sessions are supported by a qualified adult – who is on hand to bounce ideas off and to give support or guidance if it is needed.

Studio art time

Benefits of The Art Studio experience include

  • Experimenting with your creativity through a playful approach with the art materials
  • Developing and exploring new skills and techniques in art
  • Enjoying the company of others – feeling included – A social experience.
  • Increased confidence in meeting new people and being in a new environment
  • Extending or building on a portfolio of art work to be used for college application. (Sessions at the Art Studio can be particularly useful for young people who are interested in art but might be at a crossroads in between school and college and are wondering whether to apply for art courses.)

(N.B. The Art Studio sessions are not Art Therapy and are therefore different to the Art Therapy sessions offered at Green Tree).

We would initially recommend a taster session where we can talk through your ideas, explore the materials available and you can tell us about your hopes for starting your creative experience. The minimum recommended session time is 1.5 hours, we can discuss timescales when we meet to discuss your Art Studio needs.

Rates are £40 per hour per person.

(On occasions a fee for travel and venue hire may also be applicable)

Booking essential and cancellation fee applicable for less than 24 hours’ notice, please contact us for more information.

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