A range of creative group experiences are offered by Green Tree. We adopt a flexible approach: Rather than offering a set programme of events, we prefer groups or organisations to approach us to discuss their particular needs or ideas and a group work workshop or programme can then be tailored to fit your purposes.

The focus of all our group work is to use the creative arts as a means of expression. Thus self-reflections, the world we live in or an area/theme of particular interest can all be explored through art.

We can either come to your base or we can source a suitable venue in your area. We provide the art materials and a clear structure for the group sessions based on your aims for the group or the workshop.


Children and Young People

Art provides a safe and non-verbal way for children and young people to express themselves. Working alongside their peers also helps build self-esteem and confidence. Particular themes and topics can be used and explored to meet the specific needs of children and young people.



Having a creative space as adults is something that is often considered a luxury within the everyday pressures of life, however it can provide a safe and supportive environment for exploring our personal development alongside others, including a chance to reflect on some of the challenges that life can throw at us.

Continuing Professional Development Workshops

CPD Workshops provide training for health and social care staff on how to use creative art within their work.   This is in recognition of the challenges of working with vulnerable children and young people and that supporting their emotional health and wellbeing requires a varied tool kit of knowledge and experience. Using creative art approaches enhances communications   between staff and the children, young people and families they are working with – to the benefit of all.


Team Building Workshops

These workshops are for teams working at any level within an organisation or business. The focus is on exploring team dynamics and enhancing communications in order to make a positive impact on morale and performance. We tailor our approach to make it relevant to your unique context.


Will be discussed with you and an initial quote provided, upon receiving initial information about what Group or Workshop you are looking for.